ONE PIECE: Nico Robin Cosplay is back, here is Anastasia’s interpretation

There are so many places on the internet for cosplayers to collect and share their photos. On the one hand, we have Instagram and Twitter, certainly the two most popular social networks where most of these products are featured. But for fans of ONE PIECE there is also the subreddit of the same name.

And among the many posts that were published on the ONE PIECE subReddit, a new one appeared a few days ago Cosplay for Nico Robin. The realization is carried out by the cosplayer Anastasia_k_137, who received a number of likes and achieved a total of 3800 votes in the balance between positive and negative.

The Russian cosplayer opted for that Nico Robin posts a time jump to the modelThis is the one who arrived incognito in the Sabaody Archipelago after having trained and improved the group of protagonists of ONE PIECE for two years. In addition we see Nico Robin with the typical blue jacket with blue flowers on the left side and the zipper in the middle, while the legs are covered by a long pink and green sarong, which is also decorated with flower motifs, but the right leg is clearly visible power.

To top it off, Anastasia is also posing Imitation of the one Nico Robin adopts when he prepares to trigger attacks with Fior Fior fruit. While Eiichiro Oda used the archaeologist for the ONE PIECE countdown, there were some who enjoyed making an inexpensive Nico Robin.

[Self] My Nico Robin Cosplay that I made from r / OnePiece (Instagram: @ anastasia_k_137)

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