bleachingThe famous manga by Tite Kubo will celebrate its twentieth anniversary in the course of 2021. While fans are waiting for another animated series, a character designer who helped create the first adaptation decided to share some illustrations dedicated to Rukia.

Throughout 2020, fans shared the story of Tite Kubo They got to watch the new anime Burn The Witch, which appears to have some connections to Shinigami adventures. In the meantime, several events are preparing for the upcoming anniversary, and one in particular will be open to the public Art exhibition dedicated to work. The news that has made fans crazier, however, is the return of the Bleach anime, which aims to turn the Millennial War narrative arc into an animated version or the last saga of the opera Original.

Pending information on the release of the new customization Masashi Kudo, an artist who worked on the character design and storyboards for the first animated version, shared some Illustrations depicting Rukia, the first Shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki met and who made him a god of death.

The first of the two images visible in the tweets below shows a close-up of the Face of the smiling girl, while the second drawing shows Rukia holding her inseparable Zanpakuto in her hand. Both posts then have links to videos that have been uploaded to YouTube possible to watch the artist at work in realizing the above figures.

What do you think of these images dedicated to Shinigami? Leave us a comment.

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