We keep discovering the news of the DC Future State: this time it is the comic that we devote ourselves to Kara Zor-El, Superhero who suffers a great loss on the first few pages of her series.

The volume with the title "Kara Zor-El: Superwoman"is the work of Marguerite Bennett, Marguerite Sauvage and Wes Abbott and will tell the story of the famous character who went to the colony because of Clark and Jon Kent's behavior on the moon. At the bottom of the news, you'll find a page of the comic that shows Kara Zor-El standing in front of the grave of what she thinks is her only friend: it's crypto. The protagonist then begins to remember the influence that crypto had on her and that helped her accept his situation.

The superhero is therefore with the survivors of several disasters in the galaxy, including Lynari, who disagrees with Kara Zor-El's decision to give up her powers completely unless clearly necessary. Shortly afterwards, however, the protagonist is forced to break her promise when Lynari comes in a mysterious way attacked and kidnapped by Aunt Kimara.

If you are looking for more DC works, here is the volume called Crime Syndicate, which is dedicated to the origins of the evil Justice League.

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