Eiichiro Oda has always enjoyed changing up his characters a bit with each saga or situation to add more variety to their wardrobe. The protagonists of ONE PIECE In fact, they don't fall into the problems of other manga and anime where the characters always wear the same dress for the duration of the story.

The one who changed a lot during the story was Nami: the navigator never failed to go shopping, even accompanied by Bibi and Nico Robin, and is therefore equipped with many clothes for every occasion. there the female protagonist of ONE PIECE also showed different clothes in Wanoeach of which is based on a different concept.

In order to successfully infiltrate Onigashima and avoid being discovered by the Pirates of Kaido, Kinemon applied his technique to all pirates and samurai, and so Nami got a new outfit as well. To blend in with the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, she was outfitted with horns, a costume with straps, shoulder straps, and a purple cloak. Cosplayer Aqua wore these exact garments to create one Nami cosplay in Kaido's pirate outfitidentical in every way to that shown in the manga.

Nami also changed many hairstyles that a fan collected in one picture, and there will also be a new costume in ONE PIECE: RED.

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