The first episode of Spy x Family got the Forger family's adventures rolling around the world. The anime managed to further expand the reach of the manga - which had already reached exceptional levels in Japan, selling an average of over a million copies - but all of that stems from Vision of the mangaka Tatsuki Endo.

After some moderate successes and several failures Tatsuki Endo managed to find the right formula with Spy x Family. The creative process obviously took a long time, with experimentation and design that didn't make it into the manga's main story. With the increased attention on the manga thanks to the anime episodes, new information about the origins of the characters is leaking out.

The author showed i first sketches of the protagonists of Spy x Family. The tweet collects some images showing Loid Forger, the Twilight spy, with black hair and some piercings. even there OriginalAnya was very different, yes, they were very different: the author had come up with many designs and only later added hair accessories. With Yor, on the other hand, who has always been flanked by her needle, it was often her attire that changed, not the general situation.

What do you think of the designs envisioned in these? Spy x family designs? Meanwhile, despite the few episodes aired, the popularity of the Spy x Family anime continues.

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