dragon ball is one of the Shonen series to have the most fans ever. Master Akira Toriyama's work managed to win everyone's hearts, and many artists have dedicated the first illustrations of their careers to Goku and his friends. Many fans to this day depict Saiyans and post their work on social media.

Recent Twitter user @Justin96636 released two illustrations in ukiyo-e style, a style of drawing typical of Japan's Edo period (early 17th century - late 19th century). The first is dedicated to the fight between Gohan and Cell in Dragon Ball Z, the second is dedicated to the fight between Goku and Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z.

@Justin96636 seems set to continue publishing his illustrations of Goku and his companions in ukiyo-e style, and this time he did it Goku Super Saiyan 4 straight from Dragon Ball GT. As we can see in the artist's tweet, the traditional Japanese style's pupilless eyes give the Saiyan a truly sinister aura which, combined with his fighting pose, makes the warrior incredibly menacing. In the background of the figure we find design Goku's monkeydrawn without colors, with the moon next to it, allowing the transformation of the Saiyan into a monkey.

Ukiyo-e illustrations by @Justin96636 enjoy great success Twitterand the user will likely continue to make them to the delight of our eyes.

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