Fans of ONE PIECE are now accustomed to the quirks of the Mugiwara captain, the first pirate epic character signed by Eiichiro Oda, whom we met more than 20 years ago, and who knew how to involve us with his sunny and determined character.

Since the first tables in fact we have seen a Luffy child, who, intent on becoming a pirate and making himself recognized by Shanks the Red and his crew, has got a scar under his left eye. It was precisely to get noticed by those men, that he ate one of the Fruits of the Devil, making his rubber body able to stretch and produce all the spectacular attacks seen so far.

A fan, of whom we have already spoken for the Nezuko and Goku Super Sayan Blue cosplay, wanted recreate the Gum Gum Pistol in a rather bizarre way. By placing the camera in front of a pot, the user @lowcostcosplayth, simply extended his arm to make it look like Luffy's, when the latter prepares to hit the opponents.

It is certainly not one of the best cosplay dedicated to Luffy, but it certainly remains the cutest and, why not, brilliant in its own way. Recall that soon the characters of ONE PIECE will actually come to life with the Netflix live-action, which could however present several changes compared to the original work.

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