Next month the famous DC Comics publishing house will celebrate 80 years of the superhero green Lantern , complete with a special volume, and of course the words of one of the authors who contributed enormously to increasing the success of this hero, Geoff Johns, could not be missing in this circumstance.

Having worked on narrated stories and arches, such as Rinascita, Sinestro Corps War and the Deeper night, Johns is excited to be back on the pages of Green Lantern, alongside the artist Ivan Reis, just to celebrate such an important milestone.

The special volume dedicated to the 80 years of Green Lantern is "Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular # 1", and will focus on the character of Hal Jordan, who mistakenly landed on a mysterious planet, has only the necessary energy, contained in his ring of power, to send three messages. Johns' enthusiasm can also be seen in the words spoken by the author himself, which you find below.

"I love going back to work on this - I can't believe it's been that long already! It's a great passion for me, of course. In general I love all DC production, but I prefer Justice Society of America and Green Lantern among all. new with Ivan, Oclair, Alex and Rob is fantastic! I feel like when we made the stories of Hal Jordan, it was very funny. I could write about that character without ever getting tired, it is fantastic. And I am really happy with how it came out the story: short, personal with regards to Hal Jordan, but it contains a couple of interesting things."

At the bottom of the page you can find an image concerning the special volume, where it looks like that one of the messages has reached Batman, an intriguing choice that could surprise many readers, given the past between the two superheroes. This particular decision was commented on by Johns himself.

"I have always seen these two characters as opposites ... but if you had to leave three messages for three people, who would you choose or what would you say? I think that although they are so different, they see things differently and operate with very divergent methods and motivations , I think Hal and Bruce ... basically they understand each other, there is respect between the two. And I love to think Hal wouldn't die without saying something to Bruce first. I think there is something extremely profound in Hal, he is certainly proud, and stubborn, and has his beliefs and ways of acting, which however does not make him lose respect in others. "

We also remind you that all DC Comics Superhero comics will be published in Italy by Panini Comics.

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