The series of Dragon Ball Z it certainly placed the evolution of the character and his fighting power at the center of the narrative. Training hard to overcome your limits and hoping to defeat the bad guy is one of the central aspects of Toriyama's work and the attention to these elements is also found in other Shonen.

In Naruto for example, the Rock Lee character it was built to demonstrate how constant effort can be worth more than a genetically inherited skill, which happened for Neji with Byakugan and Sasuke with Sharingan, to name a few. A fan therefore decided to join the characters of Gohan and Rock Lee, in the magnificent drawing that you can find at the bottom of the news.

Both Gohan and Lee received special treatments in the new series, Dragon Ball Super and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations respectively. Gohan in fact appears sporadically but always proves to be a valid member of the Z Warriors, both during the Tournament of Power, and in the last chapters where the sorcerer Molo arrived on Earth. Rock Lee instead now plays a marginal role, having become one of the masters of Konoha.

To remember therefore the importance of these characters, in the original works, the user @AnneCqra shared Rock Lee's friendly fanart with hair and eyes reminiscent of Gohan as a child, in the ring of the Tenkaichi Tournament.

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Gohan Lee is waiting to battle! from r / dbz

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