The line of products dedicated to the universe DC Comics McFarlane Toys is literally breaking the competition, always offering new characters from the most recent series. It is in fact Batman: White Knight, published in 2017, and the 2019 sequel, Curse of the White Knight, which inspired three new figures.

The characters to have obtained a reproduction of about 18 cm in height are Batman, Joker and Azrael of one of the last stories of the Dark Knight, written by Sean Murphy. Currently the pre-orders for the figures are not yet open, but at the bottom of the page you can see in more detail what each package will contain.

In the 8 volumes that make up the Batman: White Knight series, Joker is cured of his madness and decides to devote himself to a political career, under the name of Jack Napier, a name that surely many of you will remember for the film on the Dark Knight directed by Tim Burton. Jack wants to save Gotham from Batman, a real threat to the city according to him. In the sequel, Joker finds a good ally in a knight of the Order of Saint Dumas. The character in question, Azrael, is described as "The only link still alive with a devastating secret about the Wayne family's legacy."

Recall that the three Joker miniseries by Geoff Johns has been postponed and that recently the universes Marvel and DC have appeared in a nice crossover.

What do you think of these splendid figures? Will you add them to your Dark Knight collection? Let us know in the comments

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