On the day of 22 May 2020, the most famous manager of Pokémon of the world, Ash Ketchum, turned 34, and fans of course did not miss the opportunity to joke about his real age, as after more than 1000 episodes, the Biancavilla boy shows 10 more years.

Ash's journey began on April 1, 1997 with the first, historical, series dedicated to portable monsters created by Satoshi Tajiri, and which have now become a worldwide phenomenon, both thanks to video games and to a disproportionate amount of merchandise, such as the game of collectible cards and figures of all kinds.

Ash should be a 34-year-old man today, but it seems that the authors of the series want to keep his age unchanged, now blocked at 10 years. Therefore, all fans have no choice but to celebrate Ash's 10th birthday for the 24th time, an undoubtedly nice tradition, which many have decided to celebrate with the posts that you find at the bottom of the news.

For example, the user @DiamondStormed has retraced, with images taken directly from the anime, the goals achieved by Ash in the Leagues of the different regions visited, up to the victory in Alola. Others, such as @ThePokeRaf have preferred to remember all the emotions that this character has been able to transmit in these years, while @verlisifyYT wanted to underline a funny detail, as much as false, that is, that immortality is real in the world of Pokémon.

Recall that the new series, Pokémon Explorations, will be broadcast on K2 in Italy and that details regarding the next episodes have surfaced on the net.

What do you think of these jokes about Ash's "eternal" character?

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