Naruto: an attractive adult Tenten in Alexa Sky cosplay

Between Naruto womenMany end up in the cosplayer's goals. Many are, in fact, attractive or fascinating girls: we start with the wealthy Tsunade, the fifth Hokage of Konoha who conquered everyone for a certain element, and the wife of Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga, who made it in the end, the romantic Win competition for the protagonist.

Konan also received cosplay and received so much attention from supporting characters from the world of Naruto. Today we're going to focus on another character who isn't in the spotlight often: Ten ten, Group member of Neji Hyuga and Rock Lee under the attention of Sensei Maito Gai.

There Girl is an expert in handling weapons and has repeatedly shown his skills in handling kunai, shuriken, chains, scythes and so on. It then ended on purpose, at the end of both the Naruto and Boruto's story: Naruto the Next Generations, to run a gun shop, but it's not very good due to the prevailing peace.

Tenten was featured in the Alexa Sky Cosplay, which you can see below. The recorded version is that as an adult, in which she did not lose her hairstyle, but changed clothes and earrings. What do you think about this Tenten cosplay?

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