As you can see in this Dragon Ball Z fan animation, Vegeta continues to be one of the fans' favorite characters, which makes many wonder how history would have changed if others had been with him Goku's opponent You would join the protagonist of the series.

Here is a short list of some of Goku's enemies who may have allied themselves with the famous Saiyan for various reasons: The first one that comes to mind is Raditz, Goku's brother who appeared in the early episodes of Dragon Ball ZAlthough he appeared shortly before his death, many believe that he could have been an important ally of Vegeta, maybe trained with him, and thus managed to reach the level of Super Saiyan. In the list we find Nappa, a theme from Vegeta that didn't have much development in the original series before being reworked in Dragon Ball GT, as well as the previous one that he could have worked with Vegeta with and an ally over time from Goku could be.

Many fans of the work of Akira Toriyama were particularly impressed by the Ginyu troupe, the original group was in the service of Frieza and appeared in the course of the Namek saga. The design and particular movements of the Ginyu troupe would have deserved more in-depth development, even if the 5 had hardly ever agreed to follow Goku's lead.

Also ZamasuThe villain who made his debut in Dragon Ball Super could have become an important companion for the protagonist, even if his total hatred for humanity had prevented the alliance between the two. After all, there are many who want a meeting between Gohan and Cell after the latter's defeat by Goku's son, but we think it's hard to remember to see him fight alongside Vegeta, Gohan, and the others. We close the news by reporting the list of Dragon Ball Z grades.

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