Hinata Hyuga is probably one of the Naruto's most controversial characters. Loved by fans for her sweetness, her shy side is also one of the most criticized aspects. But when it came to defending her love, Hinata showed an incredible fighting spirit. This side of him was honored by the cosplayer Fokken Greed.

Since the first episodes of Naruto, Hinata has shown her love for the future seventh Hokage, albeit in strict silence, and at the end of the series managed to marry him and have two children, Boruto and Himawari. Although it is not comparable to other protagonists in battle, a cosplayer managed to capture it all the energy of the girl from Clan Hyuga.

In a very personal take on the character, cosplayer Fokken Greed shared a series of shots on her Instagram profile in which appreciated Hinata. The images, which are also remarkable for the beautiful surrounding landscape, underline all of his fighting power and the sweetness of which he is capable. It's not the first time this character has starred in a fantastic cosplay. Check out this Hinata cosplay from Naruto the Last.

First during the last confrontation with the Alba organization and then during the fourth ninja world war, Hinata played a fundamental roleand managed to win the hearts of all those fans who doubt his true nature. In Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, the sequel to Masashi Kishimoto's work, Hinata dresses up the character of the model mother and lovingly takes care of her two children and her husband. Waiting to find out his future and that of Konoha, Naruto fought with 5 characters from Bleach.

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We're still good, whether in Russia, and we can do photo shoots in beautiful locations. Cosplay by @valar_artist Photo by @fokken__greed #narutocosplay #narutoshippudencosplay #narutocosplay #hinatahyuga #hinatacosplay #hinatahyugacosplay

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