WhileDragon Ball ZGoku and his companions have repeatedly resorted to the Senzu to survive deadly wounds and put an end to bloody battles. In Dragon Ball Super, however, the magic beans seem to have completely disappeared. Are they still useful for action purposes?

The arrival of Dragon Ball Super revolutionized some radical and overly abused concepts in the franchise. Think, for example, of the less intense use of the Dragon Balls, with which you can bring any character back to life, or the Senzu beans (balzar beans in Italian dub), thanks to which the protagonists can do this Recover from injuries immediately. Toyotaro's work luckily deprived the Z-Warriors of these resources, which indirectly deprived viewers of some of the drama of fighting. But would senzu beans still make sense in Dragon Ball Super?

Senzu beans are Karin's magic beans that can instantly heal any wound. They were used by Akira Toriyama as a kind of parachute for the Z warriors, which they used during the toughest fights to relieve any fatigue. But in the new series, balzar beans are almost so rarely used, thanks to characters like Dende who can heal their companions They seem to have no more influence for commercial purposes.

Another great benefit of using senzu beans has been the Saiyans' ability to become incredibly powerful once they are near death. However, after training with Whis, Goku and Vegeta seem no longer ready for it resort to such a risk. Ultimately, the Senzu in Dragon Ball are now almost completely useless. Always wanted to try magic beans? Senzu from Dragon Ball arrives for Halloween. But first, check out this female Dragon Ball cosplay.

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