The spin-off from My Hero Academia, Vigilante - My Hero Academia Illegalsenabled fans of Kohei Horikoshi's work to learn about the past of numerous Pro Heroes. The new chapter of Vigilante explores the past of a very young Mirko.

The events of Vigilante - My Hero Academia Illegals take place a few years before the original work and give fans a chance to get to know them the past of numerous protagonistslike midnight or aspiration. This time, the past events of Mirko, the heroine we met with the nickname Rabbit Hero, stand out. But if it's true that the heroes of the original work made it to the spin-off, it's also true that the Vigilanti are a character that has never been explored in My Hero Academia.

Vigilante Chapter 87 - My Hero Academia Illegals explores Knuckleduster's past before he became a vigilante. Known as O'Clock, the Pro Heroes have a ring to enter fight rappa, Member of Shie Hassaikai who collided with Fat Gum during the narrative arc about the My Hero Academia overhaul.

Attracted by the smell of blood and excited that there is a fight nearby when the chapter in the fight ends a young Mirko intervenes. The Rabbit Heroine is one of the strongest Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia, so she is in the Top 10 Heroes Ranking. But this new disturbing side is completely new; What can we expect from your speech? Meanwhile, Chapter 86 of Vigilante - My Hero Academia Illegals pays homage to Char of Gundam.

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