The paranormal liberation war story of My hero academia involved the Pro Heroes in a violent battle with the villain led by Tomura Shigaraki. The results of the battle were devastating for both sides, but the death of one of the young protagonists could disrupt the work.

In the final chapters of the manga My Hero Academia, Bakugo has to protect his eternal rival Midoriya parried from a fatal attack launched by Shigaraki. The Yuei High School Grade 1-A student was pierced by multiple blades, leaving his abdomen severely injured. His condition appears critical and in the absence of immediate help, the young hero could bleed to death. But even in this desperate situation, Deku does not give up on evil in My Hero Academia 287.

The latest story arc of Kohei Horikoshi's work has completely overturned Bakugo's status from a young rebel to one Hero ready to sacrifice to do his duty. If this were his final farewell, the series would experience an incredible and unexpected exploit. Thanks to his quirk and personality, Bakugo is one of the fans' favorite characters who would find themselves heartbroken.

If Bakugo ever dies in My Hero Academia, this would be the ideal time. The Gesture of redemption just completed by him would make up for the poignant act of courage that Midoriya, still without a quirk, performed in the first episodes of the series. Despite the undoubtedly epic nature of this eventuality, Bakugo's departure would mean a serious loss to both the world of heroes and all fans. While waiting for news about his health, a fan recreated the wrath of Deku from My Hero Academia 286 in color.

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