After what happened to Katsuki Bakugo in the final chapters of My Hero Academia, the historical protagonist Izuku Midoriya never saw us angry.

His power exploded, the one for all reacted to the meanness of all for one and enveloped the whole power over the body of his host. The result was a blurry-edged Deku, smoky and blinking almost black, and maybe with flashes of green. ONE Midoriya, which we therefore never saw who throws himself upside down at the opponent and breaks the spikes generated by All for One with his fists and bites.

In one of the Scenes from My Hero Academia 286The boy meets Shigaraki face to face before the All for One master emerges. This board was adopted by the Hexamendle fan who used it to create a colorization, which means they used their photo editing skills to create these cartoons, but in color.

Here, therefore, we see the merciless comparison between an angry Deku and the One for All to the Max and a Tomura Shigaraki who was exhausted and burned shortly after the attack of Endeavor. With the colors the scene takes on completely different tones, Who knows how it is portrayed in the My Hero Academia anime.

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