Needless to say, fans of Berserk You face one disappointment after another. Kentaro Miura's work seems practically forever, considering that Young Animal publishes a chapter for every death of a Pope. The mangaka has promised to speed up Berserk's production rates, but at the moment there has been no news on that front.

And as the manga comes to an end, many thought the Berserk New Beginning project was a breath of fresh air for the brand. Maybe an animeeven if in 3DCG or a new movie or an important side project.

The truth came on October 9th and practically those of the fans who expected it to be nothing sensational were right. No anime, no manga news or anything, but an exhibition dedicated to Berserk in the Ikebukuro Sunshine City in Tokyo, which is planned for next year Crowdfunding campaign to enable the construction of a replica of Zodd the Immortal on a real scale.

For now, that's all, no other news and this has unleashed the network against Berserk and the magazine. Everyone expected something more and lots of disappointing tweets for you to see Kalk show it blatantly. At least the manga is about to return to Young Animal: Berserk 362 is slated for late October.

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