The cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! There are many, most being invented by Konami, a company that has owned the card game brand for over twenty years now and continues to produce the decks, the latest of which is called the Incredible Defenders. But the most iconic cards are undoubtedly those originally created by the late Kazuki Takahashi.

The most popular protagonist is Yugi Muto, and the same goes for the most popular cards in the series that make up his deck. From the small and furry Kuriboh to the most powerful Black Mage, walking through the iconic creatures like Summoned Skull, Gaia the Knight, Dragon's Bane and many others, there are many challenges to win in Yu-Gi-Oh! thanks to an intricate intertwining of these creatures' effects. It is often like that The boy dark magician also came to the rescuea smaller, female version of the powerful black mage.

Like the main version, it too has become one of the most popular and famous cards in Yugi's deck. The girl is usually blonde with a blue dress with lilac edges and a magic wand with a golden curly tip. None of those colors exist in the creation of Kate Sarkassian, a well-known cosplayer on Instagram, who reworked the hue to match the Christmas holiday season. And so she passes this on to the public Young dark magician cosplay ready for the holidays, with a red, white and gold dress. Red, of course, is the main color, and the Christmas tree in the middle of the belt catches the eye.

Do you like this version of Sarkassian better or the original Yu-Gi-Oh?

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