Itachi Uchiha is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating characters in Naruto. Little was known about him at first other than that he was in some way related to Sasuke, but his arrival in the Leaf Village with Kisame Hoshigaki led to the discovery of one of the most powerful and most valued individuals in the ninja world, created by Kishimoto.

Annihilators of the Uchiha clan and then Akatsuki memberItachi, Pain's criminal organization, has highly skilled combat skills ranging from taijutsu to ninjutsu to genjutsu, accompanied by the powerful eye arts of Sharingan. In the end, his life will be closely tied to that of his younger brother Sasuke, with whom he will enliven one of Naruto's most passionate clashes.

On his first appearance, Itachi appears in a long black dress in which the red clouds of Akatsuki are embroidered and at the same time wears a headdress, a bamboo hat with sheets of paper attached to the edge. A Itachi Uchiha cosplay by the Portuguese Fran Luitz brings the character to life, which can be seen in the photos below. In the post it can be seen both with and without a hat, with the latter version highlighting the front cover of the latticed sheet, while the third photo also notes the use of the Sharingan. Definitely a faithful cosplay with Naruto motifs.

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