Dragon ball is to this day one of the cornerstones not only of the Shonen category, but of the entire manga and anime industry, which has also influenced other media such as cinema across the board, although the Dragon Ball Evolution film is viewed as an outrage by fans of the franchise the work of Akira Toriyama.

All attempts to represent the world of Goku and his companions with more or less official live-action projects on the big screen have proven their worth extremely reductive, imprecise from various points of view and without numerous elements which can be found in the original manga instead. However, the Dragon Ball universe also appears in critically-received films such as 2005 War of the Worlds directed by Steven Spielbergwhere a fan discovered a lovely Easter egg.

As you can see from @Harpoon_Torpedo's post at the bottom of the news, the user in question would actually have photographed a moment of the film where in the room of the protagonist's son, Justin, played Chatwin, actor of Goku in Dragon Ball Evolution, There is a pilaf plush, Antagonist of the first manga saga and a recurring character throughout the series. What do you think of this rather hidden addition in a Spielberg film? Did you notice Let us know with a comment below.

Recall that Cell received a disturbing limited edition character, and we leave you to the voice of Goku's message to celebrate the Saiyan's birthday.

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