The narrative events in the twelfth volume in the series of Darth Vader seem to be a connection between the narrative arc just finished showing the battle between the protagonist Sith and Emperor Palpatine on the planet Exegol and the crossover event dedicated to the bounty hunters of the universe of war of stars announced for this summer.

The The confrontation with Exegol seriously injured Vaderand after several complicated operations by the surgeon's droids, the emperor has brought his apprentice back to Coruscant and subjected him to painful modifications to awaken all of his malevolent potential. Pain again proved to be the perfect engine for getting Vader to focus on specific goals that he was thinking of Team up with his son Luke in an attempt to take down Palpatine himself.

As many of you will know, Darth Vader gave up this opportunity after the Empire's backlash, but he knows that the young Jedi's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness, namely the affection that binds him to different people. This brings us back to a very special event that dates back to the movie A New Hope when Han Solo decided to lend a hand to the rebels during the attack on the Death StarHe hit Vader's own TIE fighter, giving Luke the go-ahead to unleash the shot that detonated the immense weapon of destruction.

In Volume 12 of Darth Vader we experience a completely unexpected scene. Vader managed to find the Millennium Falcon in Corellia, and Han and Chewbacca were incredibly lucky not to fall victim to his thirst for revenge. The relationship between Vader and Solo is sure to deepen in the crossover. "The war of the bounty hunters"and perhaps details of Han's mysterious kidnapping in the carbonite plate will be further investigated, as recently shown in one of the complementary series.

Recall that Vader is back on Mustafar in a recent issue, and we'll leave you the details of the new Trial of Shadows franchise.

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