In the 1980s, a manga (which would later become anime) was produced that would shock entire generations of young fans around the world. Its creator, Yoichi Takahashi, named it Captain Tsubasa, named after the protagonist. But as everyone knows, titled Holly and Benji and a variety of modified names, the anime came to Italy.

At that time there was a choice of finding the names of the protagonists of Captain Tsubasa in order to bring it closer to children who would have difficulty remembering Japanese names that are still little used and known. This is how we introduced Holly and Benji in Italy to an anime that is still airing today. But with the return of the brand thanks to the remake of Captain Tsubasa, the choice was made to use the original names, which were then repeated with the video game Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions.

What changes were made in the first edition? Together, let's see the main names that have been changed to Holly and Benji.

  • The protagonist Holly, born Oliver Hutton, is actually Ozora Tsubasa.
  • The other protagonist, who wasn't actually the protagonist, is Benjamin Price, known as Benji. Its original name is Genzo Wakabayashi.
  • Then there is Bruce Harper, the defense attorney for Niuppi. Holly's best friend is actually called Ryo Ishizaki.
  • Holly's eternal rival in middle school is Mark Lenders. The young man is actually Kojiro Hyuga.
  • Let's go back to the friends of the protagonist Tsubasa with Tom Becker, the little boy we know by that name Taro Misaki.
  • The goalkeeper who repeatedly regretted Benji remains with Niuppi. Alan Crocker is the unlucky player who faced much stronger opponents than him and who originally got the name Yuzo Morisaki.
  • Do you remember the hell catapult? Of course yes, but it's not in Japanese. Indeed, the Skylab Hurricane exists while its creators are named Masao and Kazuo Tachibana instead of James and Jason Derrick.
  • Holly's trainer has also been renamed: there Roberto Hongo became Roberto Sedinho, a small change that makes him even more Brazilian.

Certainly Holly and Benji's names have become historic for Italian fans. Do you think it would have been better to save these for the Captain Tsubasa remake?

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