After presenting the Kaiohken, then the Super Saiyan and the many other types of transformations, the universe of Akira Toriyama has moved to the midquel Dragon Ball Super. This new story, presenting stronger opponents such as gods and angels, obviously forced the creation of new transformations and bizarre techniques.

One of those Dragon Ball Super techniques that most denoted the possibility of an exponential increase in strength is Ultra Instinct. Presented as a divine technique and therefore very difficult to learn, so far Goku managed to exploit it during the Tournament of Power in two states, one incomplete and one complete. Thanks to this he fought on equal terms with the powerful Jiren.

Recently, in the Dragon Ball Super manga we have reviewed the use of Ultra Instinct in the Omen state, or the incomplete one, given that Goku failed to master the perfect state during training with Merus. When will Goku actually manage to use the technique properly?

For sure, this won't happen during Molo's narrative arc. Although the complete Ultra Instinct may appear by pure chance, perhaps in the moment preceding an immediate defeat, it would not mean that Goku has managed to master it. We will still have to wait for many Dragon Ball Super sagas before seeing Goku in that state since, using it, he would have a force capable of rivaling a God of Destruction and this would put him among the strongest warriors of the Dragon Ball Super Multiverse.

Once learned the use of Ultra Instinct, there would be few rivals available for Goku. Do you think that we will see the complete Ultra Instinct before the end of the manga or only in the latest stories?

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