Pokémon: Darumaka’s origins date back to a historic Japanese doll

The origins of Pokémon, those pocket monsters with whom we shared many adventures on Nintendo consoles and in anime, naturally go back to many elements. The Pokémon Company team was based on contemporary and extinct animals, folkloristic and otherwise. But also on other elements you don't live like dolls.

After seeing the origins of Claydol and the Torterra pokémon, we move on to a pokémon fire but also turned to ice in the most recent history of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

One of these dolls gave birth to the pokémon Daruma and consequently to its evolutionary line formed by Darmanitan. Pokemon is based on Daruma, from which it receives both the name and part of the form. The Daruma is an important doll for Japanese culture, with a spherical shape and without legs or arms. The color usually given on the outside is red, but sometimes it can also be found in yellow and green, while the face remains white with details such as the eyes, left empty without pupils, nose and mouth.

To the Daruma, at the beginning of the year, one of the pupils is drawn while making a wish. If the wish comes true, the owner will also draw the pupil in the second eye.

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