During My Hero Academia we saw Izuku Midoriya grow as a person, going from being a quirkless kid to a student with excellent prospects. Thanks to his school career, which is currently in its first year, he has also accepted the true meaning of his nickname "Deku" and has made it his hero's name.

Now Midoriya he must take other steps forward to fight the villains and create a heroic career with bows and, thanks to his stubbornness and intelligence, he has often managed to enter the group of favorite characters from the audience of My Hero Academia. For this reason many cosplay revolve around him, some of these, however, transform him into a girl.

The today's genderbent cosplay is right on Izuku Midoriya and is made by the Italian Mochi Chuu. The choice fell on the Deku with hero costume, slightly modified for the occasion. In the three photos below, taken from the cosplayer's Instagram page, we see this version of Deku that brings out the green costume and inserts a skirt instead of pants. Green hair becomes much longer than that seen in the manga and anime of Horikoshi. You like this My Hero Academia themed cosplay?

While waiting to know more details about My Hero Academia 5, don't miss the Bubble Girl cosplay.

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