Lupine III first series: here are the episodes that deserve to be seen of the green jacket

It is from the 70s that the myth of Lupine III, the gentleman thief who, together with Goemon, Jigen and sometimes Fujiko, performs reckless thefts by unleashing the wrath of Zenigata. The product was then exported to the world and became famous also in Italy.

While there is an opportunity to review Lupine III on Sky, there are also TV series to keep an eye on. The thief's evergreen adventures began The adventures of Lupine III, the first series that saw Lupine wearing a green jacket. Being a very self-contained series and with few narrative strands, there are necessarily some that have succeeded better and some less successful. Which are the most worthy to be seen? Here is a list with the motivation:

  • Episode 4, with Lupine captured by Zenigata and sentenced to death;
  • Episode 6 with Goemon's first appearance and his mission;
  • Episode 9, where Fujiko will be taken hostage by a rival of Lupine;
  • Episode 10 which serves as the obvious basis for the film the Castle of Cagliostro;
  • Episode 13, Lupine here will face a self-proclaimed time traveler;
  • Episode 17, where Lupine, Jigen and Fujiko have to fight against time;
  • Finally episode 19 with Lupine III facing Inspector Ganimard making a hit at the Paris Fair.

There first series of Lupine III it is made up of a total of 23 episodes broadcast from 24 October 1971 to 26 March 1972. In Italy, however, the anime will arrive five years later by various regional televisions. Did you know these curiosities about Lupine III?

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