The series of My Hero Academia it has made fans excited with the countless and wonderful fights seen in all the four seasons published so far, and probably many of these moments have represented a challenge for the voice actors, causing serious problems to their vocal cords, as happened to the Bakugo voice actor .

The actor and voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto has announced that it will be kept away from production for about a month, starting from June 1st. In fact, it seems that giving voice to a perpetually energetic and "explosive" character like Bakugo has caused some injury to Okamoto's vocal cords, which now needs surgery.

The break is scheduled for about a month, which would see Okamoto return to the studio in early July, but as stated by the voice actor himself, it will all depend on the outcome of the operation and subsequent therapy. Following annoying pain in the affected area, and after consulting his doctor, Okamoto decided to undergo such an operation, however due to the epidemic the operation was postponed.

Okamoto also apologized to the fans for announcing such a sudden stop, but promising them to return as soon as possible and dub one of the most appreciated characters of Horikoshi's work. Recall that the production of the fifth season of My Hero Academia has been confirmed, and that a new Funko Pop will soon be released! by Ingenium.

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