There are many heroes, even too many in the world of My hero academy. Finally, the era of peace forged by All Might and its strength has made many feel overly secure in this career. And that's exactly what produced characters like Stain, the hero slayer who dreamed of reducing the ranks of the good guys.

From the heroes that were at the beginning of the manga and anime, only a few are left. Unfortunately, some died, many others were badly injured and instead, seeing that the situation was deteriorating significantly, many ran away, mainly choosing to save their own skins. Obviously almost all of the strongest heroes, those with a genuine desire to change the world, They stayed to fight to the end.

Even the villain wars they did not frighten Mount Lady, the giant heroine who appears in Horikoshi's manga from the very beginning. Her power makes her a gigantic woman several tens of meters tall, which she has highlighted in recent episodes of My Hero Academia. But now it stands out in that too Mount Lady Cosplay who shared the JobGeek page where Yu Takeyama is in a hero uniform and showing himself in a certain pose.

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