Granolah and the Heeter family were the main characters of the last saga of Dragon Ball great, subtitled Cerelean Survivor Saga. An epic battle took place on the planet Cereal, prompting Vegeta to bring out his new transformation, make Goku improve, and also allow Black Freeza to appear.

But now it's time to completely change the scenario and that will happen thanks to the return of Goten and Trunks superheroes. The two young people will be the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super for the first time in a long time thanks to this narrative arc Prequel to the events of the recently released feature film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

A leaked page has surfaced from Weekly Shonen Jump, reminding all readers that the manga will return in December. This preview of Dragon Ball Super shows Goten and Trunks dressed as superheroes, while close-ups of both parents can be seen above the two cubs. But how will the saga with Goten and Trunks be the protagonists? Along with the picture there is also a brief synopsis of the new Dragon Ball Super saga.

"The long-awaited new story arc... finally begins! The next heroes are you two! The main characters are now Goten and Trunks?! A prequel that ties in with the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie! As Goku and Vegeta train on Beerus' planet, new heroes are born on Earth! Their secret identities are their sons, Goten and Trunks?!"

So the preview doesn't reveal too much apart from that Goku and Vegeta will be far away and therefore they will be unaware of the new threats that will take shape in the Toyotaro manga.

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