Anime is now moving between different genres, sports and stories of various kinds. However, there is still room for imagination. In fact, Avex Pictures recently introduced a nice novelty, Pole PrincessOriginal production highlighting the art of pole dancing.

In April 2022, Studio MAPPA debuted Dance Dance Danseur, an anime about classical ballet whose trailer we invite you to watch. That Original project by Avex Pictures and Tatsunoko Production instead puts another facet of dance in the spotlight. Pole Princess is actually a series focused on pole dancing.

The original anime series was officially presented through the trailer that you can find at the bottom of the news. Simultaneously with the film where you can hear that Opening theme Starlight ChallengeInformation about the cast and staff working on the anime and an initial poster have been released.

Production is credited to Avex Picutres and Tatsunoko Pro, con Hitomi Ezoe is directing and Touko Machida is writing the screenplays. Tatsunoko recently reported on the debut of the horror film Exception on Netflix. Tomari is responsible for the original character designs, while Yoshihiro Otobe and Kenta Higashiohji are responsible for the computer graphics and music composition, respectively. there Japan Pole Dance Association KAORI monitors the performances. These are the first names that appear in Narrator:

  • Rio Tsuchiya as Hinano Hoshikita;
  • Anna Suzuki as Lilia Saijo;
  • Yui Ogura as Mio Tousaka;
  • Minami Hinata as Subaru Nanyo.

Pole Princess tells the Himano story, a 17-year-old girl with a mild personality. Concerned about the closure of her grandmother's planetarium, she sets out to find a cure and accidentally comes across a woman dancing on a pole under a starry sky. He therefore decides to set up a stage in the family's planetarium to perform and play Immerse yourself in the world of pole dance.

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