Anime often works wonders for the manga they are taken from. That's why My Dress-Up Darling is growing, because Fukuda's manga tank subscriptions are selling like hotcakes. A symbol that the anime that aired with its episodes earlier this year was really well done and it has been caught the attention of new enthusiasts.

At least the Sympathy from Marin Kitagawa it is concerning everybody. The beauty and exuberance of the protagonist of My Dress-Up Darling remained impressed in several ways, thanks to the work of seamstress Wakana Gojo, who managed to get the girl to dress up as her favorite characters. However, there is one particular costume that isn't dedicated to any anime, manga, or video game that still managed to impress everyone.

Obviously we're talking about those Swimsuit version by Marin Kitagawa, realized in the very first chapters and episodes, a fundamental moment for both protagonists for different reasons. Hane Ame, a well-known cosplayer who recently showed off a Tsunade cosplay of Naruto, left everyone in awe with her new one Marin cosplay in swimsuit. The cosplayer is sunbathing in the black and yellow costume, so in a different situation than in the manga, but still nice to look at.

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