Detective Conan is one of the longest running manga but also one of the most popular anime in Japan. Still at the top of the charts, the conclusion still seems a long way off, as Gosho Aoyama erratically moves toward the plot's resolution and rarely bothers. But there's no shortage of new characters to shock.

By now Detective Conan has 100 volumes on its shoulders and accordingly many characters have been inserted, but there are only a few that play a really outstanding role. Among them there is Ai Haibara, a classmate of Conan who will help him solve some puzzles. However, as all viewers of the anime and readers of the manga know, Ai's real name is Shiho Miyano and he is one of the old members of the Organization in Black that the protagonists are trying to find.

Thanks to the serum that brings back children, escaped and hidden from the eyes of the criminals, she now helps Conan with both the daily cases and the bigger mysteries of Detective Conan. But let's find it in one more adult version in this Ai Haibara cosplay conceived and created by Azey. Brown hair with a hairstyle similar to that of the anime and then a red sweater, more portable in hand.

In the meantime, this world is expanding with a new anime based on the Detective Conan spin-off.

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