Onigashima was a battlefield around every corner. But now this theater has closed, but the Wano saga is not over. Even if it’s getting close Final phase of ONE PIECEthere is still a lot to tell and knots to untie, such as the situation of the offspring.

Apoo actually brought the newspapers with the characters’ sizes, but only a few are shown. That Spoiler of ONE PIECE 1053 revealed the sizes of the new Yonkos after the Wano disaster. As is well known, Luffy and Kaido replaced Big Mom and, surprisingly, Buggy the Clown. That first pictures of ONE PIECE 1053 with a first photo focusing on the bounty of Luffy, Kid and Law, all three at Berry’s 3 billion, with Luffy’s bounty showing his version in Gear Fifth. Then there is the second photo with the four emperors reunited, but without size information.

in the third picture instead is the protagonist Ryokugyu, the Green Bull and third admiral who has always remained in the shadows. The picture shows his real name, Aramaki, and he has a tattoo on the left side of his body. He is able to create plants that can absorb life force and he uses them with King and Queen.

The chapter will officially release on MangaPlus on Sunday June 19, 2022.

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