My dress up favorite is a manga that follows the life of Marin Kitagawa, a high school girl who has a great passion for the world of cosplay, and Gojo Wakana, her classmate who discovers her secret and becomes her seamstress. The manga chronicles the development of their friendship, passion for cosplay, and personal growth.

Marin Kitagawa is the protagonist of the manga, a very sunny and nice girl with gyaru tendencies who certainly doesn't hide her passion for cosplay. Thanks to meeting Gojo one school afternoon, Marin begins to explore the world of cosplay and find a way to express himself by properly interpreting the characters he loves. In the course of time he then plays different characters, e.g Shizuku Tan.

Shizuku-tan is a fictional character in the manga, the protagonist of an erotic visual novel that Marin greatly admires, and for this reason she is the first character she decides to interpret, despite her nature. Thanks to the work of Gojo, she wears these Victorian maid dresses and makes a splash in her first cosplay model photoshoot.

Monpink decided to make one Cosplay of Marin dressed as Shizuku-tan, so with the maid's dress and purple hair, but also wanted to add an extra touch by exchanging the cards on the table. As can be seen in the following shot, in addition to the disguised protagonist, there is also the Cosplay of Marin dressed as a maidwith the exact same dress but without the purple wig.

The double version proposed by the Asian cosplayer was certainly appreciated by the public with over 30,000 likes. Also here is a Solar Marin cosplay and a Demonic Rizu-kyun cosplay.

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