How many times have you heard of a hell of a grueling production for them latelyThe attack of the giants 4? Nonetheless, Studio MAPPA seems to have withstood the brunt of the burden so far, but it seems that this strenuous resistance has reached its limits. Episode 7 will have to deal with all the problems.

In a few days, the last season of the masterpiece will be over Hajime Isayama has divided the community in two between those who appreciate the work of MAPPA and those who, on the other hand, boycott the work in all respects and also wrongly accuse the staff. To give you an idea of ​​the extent of the insults some members of the production were exposed to, The Attack of the Giants 4 staff had to intervene with a statement severely reprimanding fans for molesting and upset those they had deal with making the anime.

We know from several sources Director Hayashi and several animatorsthat last season's production is in hell, with delays and schedules even tighter than average. One of the Key Aniamtors had announced the first problems in episode 3, but MAPPA has so far managed to get a great adjustment overall. But why, as we said at the beginning, do things seem to be changing now?

The Insiders actually revealed how many animation and lead directors are in charge of episodes 7 and 7 Their number must raise significant concern. In fact, we are talking about 3 Chief Animation Directors and 11 Animation Directors, numbers that blame tight deadlines on paper, and work that is necessarily split between people to be completed on time. To give you an idea of ​​these dates, MAPPA had only entrusted the episodes to one main director and only two or three animation directors until the last episode. This is a symptom that employees have focused on getting the best execution possible. only this part. The insider examAfter all, he had warned of the delays in the Giant 4 attack.

This does not mean that the quality will decrease, but that MAPPA will do everything, at the expense of the health of the employees, to produce the remaining episodes in a certain way. The problems have only just started, we'll see how the staff will react to all of this over the weeks. What do you think of this situation? Let us know with a comment below.

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