The highly anticipated new chapter of Dragon Ball Super this will officially start the Granolla Survivor saga. At the moment we have little information about Toyotaro's new character, but the Sensei provided some details over the course of a brief interview. Here is the latest news on the mysterious Cerulean.

We met in the spoilers of Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super Granolla, a survivor of one of the many invasions Freeza and his army made against Goku on Namek before the death of the Emperor of Evil. Toyotaro revealed some curiosities about him and the new saga during a Q&A published in the magazine VJump.

  1. Q. "Which characters should we pay more attention to in the new saga?""
    TO. "Of course, I want you to give Granolla the proper attention, but I wouldn't even disregard the group known as "Heata". In addition, there is a really surprising correlation with a certain character which will be announced soon, so please beware of them too! "
  2. QQ "What picture do you have in mind when you draw the new character, Granolla?"
    TO. "He's the last survivor of the Ceruleans, so I pictured him as a lonely bounty hunter. Although he's a humanoid, I've highlighted some physical characteristics that separate him from the Terrans. The clothing is typical of his race, so I have wanted to give it a slightly retro look. "
  3. QQ "When you draw Granolla, are there points that you pay special attention to or that you pay more attention to?"
    TO. "With these types of glasses in one eye it's difficult to balance his eyes properly so I draw these first and then the glasses. If he turns in a certain direction, his eye won't be seen, which makes it difficult extrapolating the glasses. his expressions, and so I try to play with the angles to show them to you. "
  4. Q. "What are the highlights of the Granolla Survivor Saga? "
    TO. "Toriyama developed the plot based on a scenario that has improved over time and I think he was able to develop a great story. There are some events and background information that only the original creator of the work knows. So I think you will be amazed. Another highlight, of course, are the battles that await you from Dragon Ball. "

And you, what do you expect instead of this new saga, given his words? Let us know with a comment below.

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