Sometimes it's good to remember how nice it can be not to take yourself too seriously and to take a moment of free time to make a work shift even more fun. An Amazon courier knows this well, fueled by a request from a fan of Dragon Ball Zhe was trying to do something really fun.

There have been several generations of fans in the history of Dragon Ball and it has become very rare to meet someone who has never met one of the many facets of the masterpiece of Akira Toriyama. Before you proceed, however, we recommend you take a look at our Review of DB Full Color, an all-color edition of a manga that made the history of Japanese comic book culture.

A few days ago a video from an Amazon courier went viral Shout the legendary Goku technique in the middle of the streetor the Kamehameha. It all started with a fan, a certain Moah Xiong, who after completing the purchase process on the well-known e-commerce portal in the area asked for "further instructions" for anyone who had delivered the package at home in order to start a Kamehameha. The courier in question, traceable at the source via the video, didn't repeat it a second time and after handing the purchase over to the owner, embarked on a moment that was downright fun.

And you, what do you think of that funny curtain instead? Let us know with a comment below. But as for Dragon Ball, have you ever wondered why Goten and Trunks don't have tails?

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