The first episode of Pokemon: Horizons only superficially presented the characters who will accompany the two protagonists Liko and Roy on their adventure. Many fans had assumed in the past that Liko was somehow connected to Ash Ketchum, so let's analyze the similarities and differences that surfaced in the pilot episode.

Even if the chronological classification of the new Pokémon series is not yet clear and the theories that initially saw Liko as Ash's daughter or granddaughter are not confirmed in the slightest, there were interesting parallels between the two in the first episode. Originally from the Paldea region, Liko is enrolled in Seikei Academy, where she receives her first Pokémon. Sprigatito, who, however, turns out to be quite undisciplined and suspiciousa bit like what happened between Ash and Pikachu in the first days of their adventure.

However, in the first episode, Liko reveals that she has already grown fond of her little grass cat, and their relationship seems to have already improved after meeting the pre-evolution of the legendary Terapagos. Like Ash, Liko soon forms important alliances, such as those with i Lokomonauts led by Friede and his trusty Pikachu.

Their friendship will help Liko and Sprigatito face off against the antagonists known as the Explorers, who are interested in the mysterious pendant Liko inherited from her grandmother. And what do you think? Do you think Liko could actually be Ash's daughter or relatives? Tell us in the comments.

Finally here is the special video about the advertising campaign organized in Shibuya to launch the series and we leave you the details of the legal dispute between Pokémon and Monster Energy.

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