Ash's journey with Pikachu in tow began in the Kanto region, the very first region presented in the Pokémon world. Even today, it preserves the most beautiful and unforgettable memories, also thanks to the synergy that the group of protagonists had. After the duo that left Biancavilla, Misty joined.

The first meeting with Ash, the girl will certainly not forget, since the latter stole her bike to take Pikachu to the hospital, only then the vehicle was destroyed and destroyed Misty decided to follow the protagonist of Pokémon be compensated. However, a good friendship develops between the two, which will continue even after the end of their journey together. Although she has not appeared regularly since the Johto League, save for very few episodes, Misty has grown dearly to any fan of the historical series.

In fact, she remains one of the most cosplayed protagonists of Pokémon. The Russian Hikka then prepares to fight with some water-type Pokémon in this one Misty cosplay, with the usual dress of yellow top and suspenders and a pair of shorts. As a trainer, she can never miss a Poké Ball in her hands to catch or summon one of her loyal creatures.

Who knows if it will be even more common in the anime of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the product that will accompany the release of the ninth generation games.

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