Getter Robo Arc: New anime for Go Nagai’s robots

A promotional video was released on Bandai SPIRITS 'YouTube channel announcing the animated version of the latest series in the Getter Robo saga: Getter Robo Arc. Let's take a look.

Directed by Jun Kawagoe, who has already worked on the Change! Shin Getter Robo - The Last Day of the World with us in Italy for Yamato Video and the studio's animation Bee Media, the last act in the saga of Go Nagai is implemented in souls. On the Bandai SPIRITS YouTube channel, we can a first promotional video That shows us some of the mechas from the series.

Getter Robo was originally made on the Go Naga theme by Toei Animation. The latter in the same year in collaboration with Ken Ishikawa I do the manga. The series soon became famous for one of the mechanics that would become the most common in the animation of the robotics science fiction genre, known as the mecha genre, or the Ability of the robot protagonists of the saga to compose and transform.

Getter Robo Arc was born from the manga of the same name that was released in 2002 and remained unfinished due to the death of Ken Ishikawa, but this new adaptation, slated for release in summer 2021, will have that Story completed directly from the master Go Nagai.

What do you think of the Getter Robo saga? Are you interested in this new implementation? Let us know with a comment. Also in the Getter Robo saga, I refer to the Getter Robot Devolution that J-POP brought to Italy.

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