The premiere of Spy x Family has captured the public and makes you curious about the next events. The second episode ofAnime adaptation of Tatsuya Endo's spy comedy made her debut on Curnchyroll: will she be able to confirm the first good impressions?

In this new appointment with the Queen series of the Spring 2022 schedule, we meet a new protagonist. your briar She's a beautiful girl with a government job. However, she is still Scapula and her peers are concerned that she is actually a spy. When he receives a call from his brother, he is also very concerned.

When the sunlight goes down Y shows his true profession: She's actually an infallible killer. Known by the nickname thorn princess, she is a perfect killer who leaves no trace. However, his job is endangered by his everyday life. You need an undercover friend.

When she goes to a seamstress to fix an elegant dress for her, she meets Loid. In the second episode of Spy x Family, Twilight makes a cute meeting. Anya reads the mind of her "father" and the beautiful Yor, trying to encourage their meeting. Finally the two They exchange a mutual favor. Loid will accompany Yor on a staged date while Yor will attend the Eden Institute parents' meeting.

After some hilarious ups and downs, Yor and Loid renew their promise by doing it marriage oath. The makeshift Forger family is now complete.

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