The Disney Princesses Many have emerged over the years, some from scratch, others inspired by pre-existing stories. Some have also received a live-action makeover in recent years, which has gained prominence in the animated version, while others have played a major role in video games like Kingdom Hearts.

Recently, Disney has started offering its stories in a live action key, and one of those films focused on that Aladdin, a well-known classic that was produced in an animated version in 1992. In 2019 the story of Agrabah returned to viewers with real actors with big names like that of Will Smith. In this version, Jasmine had the face of Naomi Scott.

In the past few days, well-known cosplayer Mira Ladovira, famous for her cosplay theme, The Witcher, has decided to give her a try by bringing a different version of the character to her followers. So let's see Disney themed cosplay with a beautiful Jasmine in the photo below. This jasmine takes on the iconic heavenly royal dress and is completed by the tiara, earrings and other jeweled details that attest to its origins.

What do you think about this unreleased version of Aladdin's Jasmine?

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A contribution by ˜ ”* ° • .˜” * ° • Mira! • ° * "˜. • ° *" ˜ (@mira_ladovira)

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