The fall of Tanjiro's earrings was a phenomenon that broke out back in October 2019 on the occasion of the broadcast of Demon Hunter, an event that outraged the South Korean community because of references to Japanese imperialism. However, with the arrival of the anime on Netflix, the question has surfaced again.

If you have missed this matter in the past, please refer to the reference messages for full details on the case of outrage over the symbol of Tanjiro's earrings. The TV series recently landed on Netflix, but with the original and unchanged version. During the spread of the anime, ufotable He decided to remove those images that might be misunderstood with Japanese imperialism in order to appease the spirits.

The American giant, on the other hand, only acquires the distribution rights for the various countries with agreements that seem to prohibit this Netflix personally change the offensive elements. This, of course, prompted numerous fans to comment on the policies of the US company with force and contempt, and there was no shortage of expressions in the various South Korean forums to boycott the anime in South Korea or even to boycott it War crimes allegations by the company. We don't know how Netflix will react to criticism if it takes fan complaints to heart and acts accordingly, possibly removing the TV series directly from the portal or making new arrangements to insert a different version in South Korea. or even all over the world. the anime adaptation of the manga by Koyoharu Gotouge.

In your opinion, however, this question will end with nothing, or will there be more news, as was the case with the television stations that modified the offensive scenes? Let us know yours with a comment below.

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