The community of Dragon Ball Super literally exploded this morning when an interview surfaced on the anime's new official website with an animator who would have lost a sensational indiscretion on the animated series' return. Let's try to understand more about what happened.

We now know with absolute certainty that the animated counterpart to Dragon Ball Super has some projects in the pipeline. definitely a movie for 2022 as it was announced on the occasion of Goku Day. Anyway, an interview turned up this morning with a particular one Florence Jay Dominguito, an animator for TOEI animation but from the division in the Philippines which would have answered a question about the future of the franchise by saying, which reads:

""[...]I'm also excited about the idea of ​​the new anime [TV] that will continue Dragon Ball Super.""

If so, the animator would have indirectly announced in a completely random way Dragon Ball Super 2. However, when comparing the interview in Japanese with the interview in English, there were some significant differences. The Japanese counterpart is actually accompanied by a slightly different answer, which can be summarized as follows: "Cant wait to know if there will be a new Dragon Ball Super Anime on TV.""

Quite a different answer, and also much more likely, as it is inconceivable that a bug in the Dragon Ball official website in this way would have revealed the arrival of the new season. Finally, a banner at the top of the website explains that you should beware of translations other than Japanese as they may contain errors. Mistakes that cannot be avoided, misunderstandings of any kind, on an official website dedicated to one of the most popular franchises in the world. So we can't tell you when or if Dragon Ball Super 2 will arrive, but it is true that everyone in the industry, including animators, can't wait to get their hands on the masterpiece of again Akira Toriyama.

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