The appreciated and famous epic de JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, which materialized in the form of a license plate manga Hirohiko Araki which was followed by a famous animated adaptation that helped to make the production known in every corner of the world, with countless fans already waiting for the next season.

Araki's creature owes a good part of his fortune to the three pillars of the franchise, that is, his story full of great moments and twists, his unforgettable characters and a unique design style, important characteristics that have brought millions of curious people closer. become loyal fans always ready to praise the work with countless themed fanmade works, including cosplay and high-level fanart.

This time, however, it was the cosplayer HudsonHawkPritchard who attracted the public's interest, who wanted to pay homage to JoJo's The Bizarre Adventures with a cosplay published on his Instagram profile and dedicated to Abbacchio, already praised in the past by some employees work of the opera. The work, as you can see from the image at the bottom of the news, is characterized by a great attention in the reconstruction of the clothes and make-up that distinguish the character, all combined with a style and tones that show off its more markedly tragic side, with a high level result that has been able to earn enormous praise from users.

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