Final Fantasy VII: seven sexy Tifa for the best cosplay, which one do you prefer?

Final Fantasy is back in 2020. As fans of this work will know, just over a month ago it was Final Fantasy 7 Remake released, a remake for PS4 and PS4 Pro of what is probably the most loved and famous video game in the Final Fantasy series. The characters that animated this adventure are Cloud, Aeris and the beauty Cheer Lockhart.

The story is the one that was conceived for Final Fantasy VII of 1997, obviously re-presented with today's graphic engines, and this has allowed us to read the beautiful Tifa to whom a dynamic theme obtainable from the PS Store. But we want to offer you more, as with the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS4 many cosplayers have gone wild in the present their version of Tifa Lockhart to the public.

We have therefore selected well seven fans of Final Fantasy VII of which you will have to tell us which is the best. The first is from the cosplayer Tami Yuurei, taken in full length. The second one is the Italian supporter of Giada Robin who presents us with an entire album with all its sensuality. We then move on to Hane Ame, a Chinese model who presents us with a simple but capable of piercing us with her eyes.

We return to western territories with the beautiful JazlynSkyy and another Tifa cosplay with dazzling red eyes. More sensual is the Crypticjinx Tifa, fifth in the proposed list. Finally there are the most recent proposals by Meryl Sama and Chamomile_Chami. Which of these seven cattails you can see below strikes you the most? Don't miss out on the review of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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