"It's kind of sus". Now that phrase has gone almost as viral as the game it emerged from Between us. He was born two years ago and lived in the shadows for most of his life until those days madness suddenly broke out.

The game was so popular that the developers thought of a canceled Among Us 2, with the decision to focus solely on the first game. New maps and new features will arrive, but in the meantime we'll have to play with current suspects. The mania was so great that it reached Jessica Nigri, popular cosplayer who has gone viral several times thanks to his daring transformations.

And so he couldn't fail to create his own Themed cosplay among us. The American model shows up with two posts on Instagram in which she plays the role of red, one of the colors available to gamers in the video game, obviously reinterpreted in a human and much sexier key. As she says, "red is a bit susceptible" or red is suspicious, and in fact we see her killing poor white in one of the photos below.

The background of his photos is a space theme reproducing one of the cards from the game "Among Us". You would be killed by that red di Jessica Nigri?

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It couldn't have been me! I made wires πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆβ€οΈ #amongus

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⚠️I don’t know red is kind of SUS .... ⚠️ WHAT PHOTO DO YOU LIKE BEST ?! AHHH I'm so excited to share with you! My among us cosplay! A big thank you to @fakidayboy for building this hood in our living room for me and for being my body! Photos: @martinwongphoto Costume and design by me, helmet is by Spirit! : D.

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