Inuyasha: the splendid Sango is shown in a magnificent cosplay

When we talk about animated or paper productions that have proved capable of impressing themselves strongly in the collective imagination, it is impossible not to think of Inuyasha, epic that materialized thanks to the hard work of Rumiko Takahashi which in addition to a successful manga, has also seen the arrival of an animated adaptation.

The franchise has always remained on the crest of the wave in the eyes of countless users and just recently a new animated series dedicated to Inuyasha has been announced, a news that has made the happiness of many fans. With such a rich audience, it should therefore not be surprising that the web has been enriched with such a rich amount of fanmade works, between cosplay and fan-art often capable of amaze for their incredible quality.

This time, however, to have conquered the spotlight we find the famous cosplayer Nanasemeron, who wanted to pay homage to the epic of Inuyasha with a splendid cosplay and in particular the much loved Sango. As can be seen in the image available at the bottom of the news, the girl showed off with a ninja outfit that faithfully reproduces the one worn by Sango, with great attention paid to numerous details of the costume. The result looks really great and, as easily imaginable, has been able to earn countless praises from many users.

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